Jessica Chastain holds top two weekend box office positions

Jessica Chastain has been riding a wave of good fortune of late. The star has just won the award for Best Actress at the Golden Globe Awards and now she finds two of her movies in the first and second positions for box office collections over the weekend. Chastain’s Mama and Zero Dark Thirty are in positions 1 and 2 respectively, after a brilliant weekend for the star in theaters across the US and Canada.


Mama is a story about two young girls who vanish into the woods after their mother was killed. It opened at the top of the list, raking in USD 33 million in sales, followed by Golden Globe Award winning Zero Dark Thirty, which picked up USD 18.7 million.

The Tree of Life actress is slowly coming into her own in Hollywood, after appearing in a string of good movies in the past. People are now taking Chastain’s work more seriously, a fact that is confirmed by her recent Oscar nomination as well.

Paul Dergarabedian is the president of the box office at, who says that it is rare for an actor to have two of their movies in the top two positions on the charts. He was also of the opinion that Chastain’s career is finally hitting a high point, something that the star richly deserves.