Zero Dark Thirty torture was a fact of the war – Bigelow

Kathyrn Bigelow, director of ‘Zero Dark Thirty’, has tried to brush off new accusations and controversy surround the movie. People have been of the opinion that the director has been endorsing torture as a method of fighting terrorism in the Golden Globe Award winning flick.

Kathryn bigelow

America adopted counter terrorism to deal with the 9/11 disaster and also to track down Osama Bin laden. According to Bigelow these facts cannot be ignored. Things have become difficult for the director, as critics and politicians have started to become obstacles in her way, in the form of moral police.

In a recent interview, Bigelow said that she was a pacifist and was against any kind of inhumane torture. However, certain scenes were an integral part of the film and could not have been done away with, as they were facts. Kathryn believes that everyone shares a right to create a work of art and speak their mind without any harassment from the government. She also added that it would be more appropriate to point fingers at law makers, rather than herself, as she was only portraying facts on the big screen.

No war films would have ever been possible if directors ignored the realities of war. ‘The Hurt Locker’ director felt that it was illogical to talk speak out against torture without talking about the U.S adopting it as a method of counter terrorism. Torture was used to find Osama Bin Laden during the early years. By portraying this fact, according to her, the ‘Point Break’ director was not trying to instigate a debate on the moral consequences of a war.