Jessica Simpson – Pregnancy was not expected

American actress and recording artist Jessica Simpson recently appeared on ‘The Tonight Show’ with Jay Leno on January 15, 2013. Simpson and partner Eric Johnson have tried to get married twice, but the actress who appeared in a black animal print dress joked, “We’ve had two different wedding dates, but he keeps knocking me up”.


The ‘To Fall in Love Again’ singer added, “We’re doing it very backwards, I know…I’ll just keep my legs crossed, I guess, this time”. Simpson was asked if she planned to get pregnant soon after her daughter Maxwell, who is 8 months old, to which she said that she did not want to.

While explaining herself, the ‘Irresistible’ singer said that it was God’s plan for her life and that she was extremely shocked as she was going through a lot of changes and was trying to get back to her old self. The singer also joked that it was like a one-night-stand and it was not expected.

This time ‘The Love Guru’ actress also said that she will be extra careful and will not eat everything which is put in front of her. While recalling her earlier pregnancy with Maxwell, the ‘Blonde Ambition’ actress said that she was very happy to be pregnant and did not step on the scale. Simpson added that she was not aware that she could gain so much weight in such a short period of time.