Jodie Foster’s Golden Globe Awards speech lauded

Jodie Foster was the recipient of the Cecil B. DeMille Award for a lifetime’s contribution to cinema at the recently concluded 70th Annual Golden Globe Awards. Foster had an interesting acceptance speech, in which the actress indirectly addressed her sexuality and spoke about the boundary between an actor’s private and public life.

Jodie Foster Golden Globes

Foster’s acceptance speech had earlier raised a few eyebrows in the media, but she was praised by others such as GLAAD and the Human Right Campaign. The 50-year-old actress said that actors these days are expected to keep their private lives out in the open for the world to see, but she did not agree with this. However, Jodie did say that she was single at the moment.

Wilson Cruz, who is the spokesperson for GLAAD said that Foster had made good use of the opportunity she received on Sunday to make a speech and that it was a big deal for a renowned actress like her to come out and speak about her personal life.

The spokesperson for the Human Right Campaign Fred Sainz was also of the opinion that Jodie had a lot of guts to come out and speak about her sexuality, saying that Foster wanted to be known for the quality of her work rather than her sexual orientation.