Miss America contestant to undergo double mastectomy

Miss America contestant Allyn Rose is planning to undergo a double mastectomy after she gets into a bikini and flaunts her roller skating talent at the 2013 Miss America contest. As a preventive measure the 24-year-old will be removing both her breasts so as to reduce her chances of developing breast cancer, which killed her mother, grandmother and great aunt as well.


Rose, between the dress rehearsals at Plant Hollywood on January 9, 2013 said, “My mom would have given up every part of her body to be here for me, to watch me in the pageant”. The model was determined to be proactive and said that she would do everything to prevent something that would hurt her body in the long run.

If Allyn wins the competition, then she would become the first Miss America who would not have the typical beauty queen body. The model also said that it was her father who reminded her about the condition. Over the past three years the model had in mind a conversation she had with her father wherein he told her that if she did not have the surgery early she could suffer the same fate as her mother.

During this period Allyn worked as a model and won many pageants, which included Miss Maryland USA, Miss Sinergy and the Miss District of Columbia competition, which put her in the running for the January 12, 2013 event. Rose is reserved by nature and acknowledged that she comes off as more of an ice queen than the girl next door.