Viva Forever not quite as promising as it was made out to be

After a much-hyped opening in December 2012, harsh criticism and empty audience seats that followed, ‘Viva Forever’, the Spice girls’ musical is rumored to be axed from London’s West End. The show was criticized to be monotonous and lifeless right after its premiere and it seems producer Judy Craymer has lost her magic that she put on in her last musical Mama Mia.

Spice Girls

The spokesperson of the producer assured, in spite of the negative reviews and poor audience turn up, that the show is doing quite well. Another major complaint about the musical was the exclusion of a popular Spice Girls song in it. The story-line and plot was also slow, weak and boring. Throughout the show’s running time nothing actually was happening and just half an hour before ending, the director seemed to have realized this fact and then a lot of action takes place, resulting in too much happening at once. The show, focusing only on the failures of middle-aged women, lacks the performance aspect as well and nothing saves it after a very slow start.

The Daily Mail has appropriately described the musical to have ‘all the makings of a notable West End flop’.