Pictures of Justin Bieber smoking pot surface after photographer’s death

Justin Bieber indirectly apologized for his actions after being spotted with marijuana recently, but did not comment on the death of photographer Chris Guerra on January 1, 2013. The ‘Boyfriend’ singer was pictured with a marijuana cigarette in his hand and has acknowledged that he had been reckless and promised his fans to act more responsibly next time.


Just one day after the death of Chris Guerra, who was photographing the Canadian pop-star’s Ferrari, pictures of Bieber in a classic stoner pose flashed everywhere. Guerra thought he had spotted Bieber smoking pot in his car earlier on the fateful day and followed the ‘Baby’ singer as he left the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills.

Christopher Moore, better known as the rapper Lil Twist, a friend of Bieber was behind the wheel of the Ferrari. According to reports, a policeman who had pulled the Ferrari over requested Guerra to leave the scene and he was crossing the road when the photographer was struck and killed by a car.

Though the ‘All around the world’ singer can face legal issues regarding the accident, his spokespersons denied the accusations of the singer smoking pot and also blamed the dead photographer for stalking and harassing the star.

Bieber offered condolences for Chris on January 2, 2013.