Kate Winslet and Ned RockNRoll to travel to space then settle in countryside

Kate Winslet married Ned RockNRoll in December 2012, after dating for more than a year and post marriage the couple are literally planning to fly high. The groom’s multi-billionaire uncle Richard Branson has given the couple two tickets for a planned space trip by Virgin Atlantic in 2014, as a wedding gift. The couple will also be settling down in the quiet English countryside after their marriage according to reports.

kate winslet ned rocknroll

Ned also works for Virgin Atlantic, but the gift from Branson as the ‘Reader’ star had played an important part in a real-life drama when she saved his family from a fire on his property on Neckar Island last year.

This was the 37-year-old Oscar winning actoress’ third marriage after her seven year marriage to director Sam Mendes fell out in 2010. Leonardo Dicaprio, Winslet’s ‘Titanic’ co-star gave her away to Ned at a private wedding ceremony in New York.

The ‘Revolutionary Road’ actress appears to have a great future ahead of her, as she has three films in the post production stage waiting to be released in 2013, as well as a new marriage. With the couple set to settle in the English countryside, Kate will have a great environment from where to focus her energy on her work as well as raising a family, if she decides to do so.

In regards to the wedding gift, the much coveted tickets for the space journeys cost around $200,000 for single seat. Other celebrities who have already bought tickets are Russel Brand and Ashton Kutcher.