Producers of The House I Live In express relief over new US marijuana laws

With the new marijuana laws to hit the states of Washington and Colorado in Jan 2013, two of Hollywood’s stars have decided to voice their opinions on the matter. John Legend and Brad Pitt have come out in support of President Obama’s relaxation of the pot-smoking laws in the US, saying that jails in the country are already overburdened. The new laws state that an adult can safely carry an ounce of marijuana in the states of Washington and Colorado without legal action being taken.

Both Pitt and Legend are producers on a documentary titled ‘The House I Live In’. The documentary deals with the drug problems in the US. Russel Simmons and Danny Glover, who are also producers on the show have come out in support of Pitt saying that it is a good thing that the current government isn’t making the prosecution of recreational marijuana users a ‘top priority’.

According to the producers of ‘The House I Live In’, Obama has done a commendable to act on the population’s view that recreational marijuana use should not have very stringent penalties. They went on to say that the jails in the US are filled with people who are serving sentences that are far worse than the crimes they have committed.

Pitt and the others are of the view that there is a large percentage of non-violent drug users that are currently occupying space in prison and that the new drug policy is a sane policy and will help in approaching the failed war on drugs in a more sensible manner.