Documentary on Clintons life to see the light of day

HBO and the genius thespian Martin Scorsese have joined hands to direct and produce a documentary on the 42nd Democratic President of the United States, William Jefferson Clinton; who is popularly known as Bill Clinton. The documentary will be made with Clinton’s full support and cooperation and will touch upon his views, decisions and actions during his term as President of the United States, from 1993 to 2001 and henceforth.

The ex-President, with a charismatic personality has conveyed his approval and appreciation on the project and has agreed to give full support to it. HBO CEO Richard Plepler and President of HBO Programming Michael  Lombardo termed Clinton as  ‘singular voice on (the) world stage’  and has added that the program will give Clinton an opportunity to share his views on various issues that attracted his attention during his presidency and thereafter.

As the man behind Taxi driver, Raging Bull, Casino and Departed among others, Scorsese is also equally excited about the project and is hopeful that this documentary, through intimate interviews and discussions, will provide greater insight into the world leader that Clinton is.

The documentary will be HBO’s fourth venture with the legendary director. The other collaborations were Public Speaking, George Harrison: Living in the material world and Boardwalk Empire.