Marsha Hunt auctions Mick Jagger’s love letters from 1969 over USD 300,000

In the summer of 1969, Mick Jagger wrote a series of love letters to his then love interest Marsha Hunt. These letters have now sold for USD $301,472. Hunt said that the main reason for her to put up the letters for auction was that she did not have much money.

The Rolling Stones’ front-man’s letters were handwritten to Hunt when he was filming ‘Ned Kelly’ in Australia in 1969. Marsha at the time was a singer, who was born in Philadelphia and according to reports was the inspiration for ‘Brown Sugar’, which was a Rolling Stone’s hit in 1971.

 Experts initially expected the sales of the letters to fetch between USD 110,000 to USD 160,000, however, as it turns out a private collector bought the letters for almost twice the expected amount.  Sothby were instructed by Hunt to auction the letters and their books specialist Gabriel Heaton said that the letters were an insight into Jaggers’ life.

According to Heaton, the letters revealed that Jagger was a self-aware 25-year-old, who was intellectual and creative. He went on to describe Jagger as being quite different from what he presented himself to be in public, as he was quite passionate, lyrical and had a strong sense of irony.

Hunt said that she was auctioning the letters as she was had to pay her electricity bills and do some repairs on her house.