Tom Cruise backs up his portrayal of Child’s character Jack Reacher

Lee Child’s character Jack Reacher will be played by Tom Cruise in what could be a new action movie franchise. Many have been questioning whether Tom is actually suitable for the role, as he is much smaller and shorter than the version of Reacher that Child had created.

Jack Reacher was made out to be 6 feet and 5 inches tall and Cruise pales in comparison, as he is just 5 foot and 7 inches tall. Moreover, Reacher was supposed to be over 200 pounds and Cruise is much slimmer; he is also 50 years old.

However, at the world premiere of ‘Jack Reacher’ in London on December 10, 2012, Cruise told reporters that he would not have taken the part if Child was unhappy with him playing the hero. The new Tom Cruise movie is based on a book by Child called ‘One Shot’,  where former soldier Jack Reacher travels around the US dealing out his own version of justice.

The ‘Minority Report’ star said that it was not the size of the character in Reacher, it was the size of his characteristic that mattered. Rosamund Pike, who plays the female lead in the film said that would be many more flicks to follow this one.

Pike went on to say that she was happy to be part of the venture and that it would be a great new franchise for Paramount and Tom Cruise