Jenny Rivera killed in plane crash in Mexican mountains

Spanish singing sensation Jenny Rivera was killed in a plane crash in northern Mexico on December 9, 2012. The Mun2, Banda and Norteno reality TV star was traveling in a small airplane in the Mexican mountains which crashed on Sunday.

The 43-year-old mother of 5 was down to earth, according to her daughter Chiquis. She had a unique personality that captured the imagination of wide section of her audience and was an inspiration for US Latinas. According to reports, ABC was also developing a sitcom for the star titled ‘Jenny’.

Rivera was the founder of the Jenni Rivera Love foundation, which helped people who were victims of domestic abuse, as well as single mothers. Her eldest daughter Chiquis said that her mother was someone who always thought of her family, because she knew what it was like to struggle and that Rivera was always there for children.

¬†Rivera had a very troubled life she grew up with the image of being a ‘good-time girl’ in school she became pregnant while she was still a high school sophomore, but later married the child’s father Jose Trinidad Marine.

The singer’s father and 4 brothers are all famous Mexican musicians and her music included a lot of US country music themes based on relationships, heartbreak, cheating and men that could have done better.

Jenny was married and divorced three times and leaves behind 5 children.