Alec Baldwin defends his brother Stephen who is faced with tax-evasion charges.

Hollywood star Stephen Baldwin was arrested on December 6, 2012, on tax-evasion charges and his elder brother Alec Baldwin came to his defense by saying that he is no different from many other people who have not kept enough money aside to pay their taxes.

Alec Baldwin said that he did not think his brother would go to jail and that the media was blowing things out of proportion. The ’30 Rock’ actor also said that he did not like the modern day paparazzi and if he had the option, he would flush them down a toilet.

The ‘Rock of Ages’ actor indicated that his brother is not facing money problems and that being taken into custody was a necessary procedure that takes place when someone has been accused of tax-evasion. Baldwin went on to say that he has noticed in his lifetime, if someone has less money, or if they have too much money it comes down to the same issue with the tax collectors. He was of the opinion that people who earn higher income spend most of their money, rather than saving it for the future and that the middle-income earners were better with their taxes.

 Baldwin said that his brother’s money problems were being cleared up as of now, but he was put through a lot of unnecessary discomfort all day.