Two and a Half Men is cursed according to Charlie Sheen

The hit TV series Two and a Half Men has been in the news of late; with the shows young star Angus T. Jones urging fans to stop watching it. Now Charlie Sheen, one of the series’ main attractions from earlier seasons has said that the show is ‘cursed’. Sheen was booted off the show after a public meltdown and was replaced by Ashton Kutcher.

While talking the People Magazine in a recent interview, Sheen said that it was clear to him that the show was cursed following Jones’ Hale-Bop-like meltdown. When the actor was booted off the show earlier, he had badmouthed the show’s producer Chuck Lorre as well.

Earlier in the week, 19-year-old Jones went on a rant against the show saying it was ‘filth’. He went on to say that any God-fearing person would not be able to work on the show and that he himself did not want to be on it. Warner Bros.’ Paul McGuire said that they would not be commenting on Jones’ outburst.

The show has now had one ex-cast and current cast member speak ill of the production and this will cause some concern for its ratings. It remains to be seen if people will continue to watch it. Although Kutcher was expected to bring in a young fan following, the show’s popularity has suffered after the exit of Sheen.