Angus T Jones blasts Two and a Half Men as being ‘filth’

Angus T Jones, the star who grew up on hit TV show Two and a Half Men has publicly blasted the series saying that it is ‘filth’. The child star told people that they should stop watching the show and that he did not want to be on it himself.

Earlier comedian Charlie Sheen was fired from the show due to personal and professional reasons. Sheen was a major attraction for the series and was replaced by Ashton Kutcher. Jones let out his feelings about the show in a video testimonial that suggests the actor is becoming more religious. He says that the show is the plan of the enemy on the group called the Forerunner Chronicles, which is linked to the Voice of Prophecy Seventh-Day Adventist church in Los Angeles. This is the church where Jones currently worships.

In the hugely successful series, Angus plays the role of Jake, a sarcastic kid who has been growing up with his single dad (Jon Cryer) and his womanizing uncle (Sheen). However, once Sheen left the show, its popularity has dropped.

Jones picks up USD 8 million in annual earnings and has become one of the richest teen stars as a result of the show’s success. However, he says that he did not want to be on the show if he was doing harm. He says he is a God fearing person and that he is not ok with what is being done on the show, which is in contrast to what the Bible teaches him.