Movie review – The rise of the Guardians is a good holiday entertainer

This holiday season the Rise of the Guardians will allow for a great opportunity to take the family out for a movie together. The movie is based around a melting pot of do-gooders such as the Easter Bunny, Santa Claus, Sandman and the Tooth Fairy who come together to fight evil.

The 3-D movie is well written, with great voiceovers from actors such as Hugh Jackman (Easter Bunny), Isa Fisher (Tooth Fairy), Alec Baldwin (Santa Claus) and Chris Pine (Jack Frost). The Sandman can’t speak, while the other characters have a touch of originality with Santa being Russian, the Tooth Fairy looking like a flying mermaid and the Easter Bunny being Australian.

Jude Law does the voice of Pitch, a Bogeyman who gives bad-dreams and unleashes chilling black nightmare horses. The Guardians are called upon to help stop Pitch and bring some peace to the world.

The characters are all very well plotted out and Jack Frost’s chilly background is touched upon. Santa is amusing when he uses the names of famous Russian composers as swear words.

Even though the plot may not be the best in the business, it is not hard to see that kids will love this movie. Moreover, they will enjoy the fact that it gets them thinking. It is not your run-of-the-mill children’s movie and would be a great way to introduce your kids to the Guardians.