Movie review – Hitchcock reveals the man behind Psycho

The latest Anthony Hopkins starrer ‘Hitchcock’ is an enjoyable flick about the life of Alfred Hitchcock, the celebrated author of thrillers such as Psycho. The movie is a pop-art biopic of the author and dwells on how he put Psycho together. The movie premiered on November 20, 2012.

Psycho broke the mold where filmmaking is concerned with a psychological thriller that sent shivers up everyone spine in 1960, when it was released. Sacha Gervasi shows Hitchcock having imaginary conversations with Ed Gein, who was a serial killer in the 1950’s and whose actions the Psycho novel was based.

Anthony Hopkins plays the writer while Michael Wincott plays Ed Gein. Helen Mirren plays Hitch’s wife in the movie. Although the movie tries to showcase Hitch’s attempts at getting the world to channel our inner psycho, it does not do a very convincing job of it. The makeup and some of the acting does not remind you of the real Hitchcock at times and some characters like Hitch’s wife Alma is not the best physical similarity to the real woman.

However, the movie does uncover some details about the making of the movie that few would have known in terms of how the legendary shower scene was made. Overall the movie is a good watch, however one is left with the feeling that much more could have been done with such a stellar cast.