Cruise and Holmes to re-unite temporarily over Thanksgiving for Suri’s sake

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes might be re-uniting for Thanksgiving for the sake of 6-year-old Suri Cruise. The little one will be able to enjoy a special family holiday, as her parents put aside their differences and spend some time together as a family at Cruise’s Telluride estate in Colorado.

The ex-Hollywood couple has been rumored to be spending the Thanksgiving long weekend to show their only daughter that they are still devoted parents and friends with each other. The stars are planning on making the holiday special for little Suri by putting aside their pride and trying to give her a feeling for the festival.

In September 2012, earlier reports had suggested that the ‘Mission Impossible’ star was going to attend his daughters first day at school in New York, but he never made it due to his grueling work schedule. The ‘Minority Report’ actor had seen his daughter earlier in August, before the school year started, when he had taken her to Walt Disney World.

Holmes, the ‘Batman Begins’ star was skewered on Saturday Night Live by Anne Hathaway over the weekend. Hathaway picked on Holmes’ half-smile and daily habits as she mimicked the star perfectly.

Cruise and Holmes are expected to keep their relationship civil over the Thanksgiving weekend for their daughters sake.