Lindsay Lohan likely to be in trouble for lying

American actress and model Lindsay Lohan could be in trouble once again for telling lies. During the summer, the ‘Get A Clue’ actress was involved in a car accident, but denied being the driver. In the month of June, the model rented a Porsche and struck an 18 wheeler, but she told the police that she wasn’t driving the vehicle.

On the other hand, many witnesses described Lohan as the driver of the vehicle and it is a misdemeanor to lie to police officers. According to celebrity gossip website TMZ, the Santa Monica City Attorney is filing a charge against the actress as early as this week.

Police had even found prescription drugs in her purse, but the ‘Life-Size’ actress’ lawyer said that the pills were being properly used. Eye witnesses also said that the pills were spilled across the interior of the car, however the ‘Freaky Friday’ actress’ lawyer was able to produce doctor’s orders which keep authorities from pressing charging of drug abuse.

Shawn Holley, who is Lindsay’s lawyer, was still in transit when Lohan said she wasn’t behind the wheel. When he arrived to make sure his client did not say anything, it was too late. The actress is at present on probation for a jewelry theft charge which took place a year and a half ago.