Johnny Depp loves Jack Sparrow of the Pirates of the Caribbean

Johnny Depp thoroughly adores his character in the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean and is never tired of portraying it again and again. His character of Jack Sparrow is a human being with free heart and has no boundaries. He does everything that he wishes to. Depp said, “You can do whatever you want, essentially. He’s (Jack Sparrow) a free spirit.”

He would be again seen in the upcoming sequel of ‘The Pirates of the Caribbean’- ‘On Stranger Tides’.

The best part about the actor is that he does not let go off easily, he wants to attempt the scene till he finds that he has given proper justice to it so that the scene looks perfect. Johnny says, “The problem is with me is that I enjoy every scene to the point where the director is saying, ‘Do you have his yet, are you done?’ ”

Depp loves his character a lot and he has appeared in many of the charity events in the same costume worn by Jack Sparrow.

Source: CM