Possible John Cusack film on Rush Limbaugh in the pipeline

Rush Limbaugh has been a well-known and controversial talk radio personality for a good part of the last three decades. With the current political situation in the US, Limbaugh has always been front-and-centre where politically fueled radio talk shows are involved. According to Hollywood.com, John Cusack is now to produce a film on the radio personality in a new venture.

Production company ‘Deadline’ have hinted that Cusack and New Crime Productions may take on a project about the ‘larger-than-life’ radio personality Rush Limbaugh. Howard Stern, another controversial radio personality, had his story told by Betty Thomas, who has shown interest in directing the new Cusack film. According to Deadline, the script of the new movie will revolve around how American Talk Show has remodeled itself and Limbaugh’s role in the shows’ success.

The news of the film’s existence first came into being when Thomas said that it only needed ‘finishing touches’ before it went into production next year. Cusack would not be intending to make the film politically charged, as he has been a vocal critic of the US’ former president George W. Bush.

It is also rumored that Cusack will be playing the part of Limbaugh himself, however it waits to be seen whether reports so far have any steam behind them or not.