Khloe Kardashian explains X Factor wardrobe malfunction

Reality star Khloe Kardashian Odom, recently became the talk of the town, when she showed off a bit too much of her chest at The X Factor’s first live show this week. The host of the American X Factor, blamed it all on Superstorm Sandy, which recently hit the east coast of the US.

Khloe explained, “We moved the show up because of the hurricane, so my stuff that was being sent was stuck on the East Coast”. There could be more to the story, as Kardashians generally carry all their clothes with them everywhere they go. Kardashian added, “That top [arrived from the East Coast] first thing.”

On the other hand, many of media reports claimed that the wardrobe malfunction was intentional and was being used just to shoot up the ratings of the show. However, Khloe swore that she would not get up on stage if she knew that her wardrobe had malfunctioned.

Khloe said that the shirt was ‘lined and everything’ but was surprised that so much had been shown through it. The host also said that when she went up on stage, Simon Cowell was constantly motioning to her to cover up, while she was totally clueless of what was happening.