Suicide Silence singer Mitchell Lucker dies at 28 in a motorcycle accident

The lead singer of death-metal band Suicide Silence has passed away on November 1, 2012 due to injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident. Mitchell Lucker crashed into an electric pole on Main Street in Southern California at 8.55 pm on Halloween night. Lucker was thrown from his bike, which then crashed into a Nissan pick-up truck. No other injuries were noted at the scene.

Mitchell lived in Huntington Beach California and was riding his black 2013 Harley-Davidson motorcycle at the time of the incident. Police are currently investigating the case and trying to determine if alcohol was also involved in the incident.

The 28-year-old Lucker was part of the death-metal band Suicide Silence, which included drummer Alex Lopez, Bass player Danny Keen and guitarists Mark Heylmun and Chris Garza. On Thursday night, fans gathered at the crash site to offer a candle light vigil for the deceased singer.

A posting on the bands Facebook page on Thursday said, “Mitch passed away earlier this morning from injuries sustained during a motorcycle accident. This is completely devastating to all of us and we offer our deepest condolences to his family. He will be forever in our hearts”

Suicide Silence was being hailed by many as the defining death-metal band of the century and was on an upward rise in the underground music scene. They have released three albums till date – ‘The Clensing’, ‘No Time to Bleed’ and ‘The Black Crown’.