Arnold Shwarzenegger may return to acting

Arnold Schwarzenegger fans can expect a good news by the end of his term as the Governor of California because the former actor has indirectly mentioned his possibility of getting back to acting.

There is a long list of things that the actor would like to do as soon as his term gets over. He said, “The list is a long list of things I can do, but nothing I can concentrate on until I am literally, totally out of office. For me the joy of life is not to know, and you get into it and you kind of figure it out. I love that. I don’t like safety nets. I am not a believer in that.”

Though the former bodybuilder has not committed as to what he would be exactly doing. 63 year old, Arnold was never completely off from the big screen. He did a cameo in ‘The Expendables’, a Sylvester Stallone film, last year and played the character of Prince Hapi in ‘Around the World in 80 Days’ in the year 2004 even after having a strong holding in the field of politics.

Source: CM