Skyfall premier sees Royal turnout – Critics praise it as best Bond movie yet

The premier of the latest James Bond movie Skyfall, had lead actor Daniel Craig captivated, as he described the feeling of being at the event as ‘incredible’ and that it was the biggest and the best out of all three premiers that he has attended for the Bond Series so far.

With the release of Skyfall, the Bond series moves into its 50th year and its 23rd official release. Craig was the first star to arrive at the premier, where large crowds had gathered to catch a glimpse of the actors on the red carpet. People had lined up along the streets of Kensington, west London as they cheered on the stars of the now iconic movie series.

Among others who made it to the premier were the Dutchess of Cornwall and the Prince of Wales, along with Dame Judi Dench, Sam Mendes and Javier Bardem. Daniel Craig, who has played Bond in the last 3 movies, said that he was incredibly proud to play Ian Flemming’s character in the 50th year of the series. He went on to say that Sam Mendes, the director of Skyfall wanted to make the best possible Bond movie and that he had done a tremendous job.

Skyfall has been well received by critics, with some calling it the best Bond movie so far. It is due to be released to the box office on October 26, 2012