Michael Lohan alleges Dina Lohan pressurising Lindsay to file protective order against him

American actress and singer Lindsay Lohan, who is already facing problems in her life, is now being pressurized by her mother Dina Lohan, according to her father Michael Lohan. Michael said that his former wife is pressuring their eldest daughter to file a permanent protective order against him.

Michael said, “It’s not even going to get to a judge. Lindsay isn’t willing to do it,” and added that he wants this to end. Lindsay’s father, who already has five children, is expecting number six with his girlfriend Kate Major.

Michael said that Dina started pressuring the ‘Herbie: Fully Loaded’ actress after Major announced that she was expecting a boy. The father of the ‘Confessions of a Broken Heart’ singer insisted that it was the only reason, as Dina cannot see Michael happy.

Michael Lohan also feels that Dina has not one, but multiple purposes for putting pressure on the ‘Mean Girls’ actress. Whatever the case might be Michael still insisted that Lindsay is his daughter and that he loves her to death, and the permanent protective order is not going to happen. A leaked video of an argument between the ‘Another World’ star and her mother had gotten into the hands of the celebrity gossip website TMZ. LiLo was heard calling Dina a “f—ing devil” and that her mother was on cocaine.