Kylie Minogue happy to celebrate fifth cancer free year

HollywoodFAQs: Australian singer, Kylie Minogue feels lucky and blessed to have been able to fight cancer a few years ago. The pop star was diagnosed with the disease in the year 2005 and underwent all the required surgeries to overcome the deadliest disease.

Minogue was given thumbs up by her doctors in the following year after the surgeries worked positively on her, making the singer cancer free.
Kylie recently recalled the whole incident in a television interview. She said, “You need to hand yourself over to not only the medical people, who do a fine job, but to all the people who want to take care of you.

Sometimes you don’t want to be mollycoddled. But what I found helpful is you have to let them help you.” She feels that she owes a lot to her fans for their prayers.

The singer added, “It is baby, baby steps. I think it’s too simple to say ‘Just stay strong’, because you can’t be strong all the time. You have those moments when you’re down and so horribly, horribly low, but you still come up again, so believe in that.”

On this new year, the singer is celebrating her fifth anniversary as a cancer free person.