La Toya Jackson fights looting allegations

La Toya Jackson, sister of the ‘King of Pop’ Michael Jackson recently lashed out at comments that their family had looted her brother’s home after his death in 2009. It was Vanity Fair magazine’s November 2012 issue that suggested that the Jackson’s had taken money from Michael’s house shortly after his death.

La Toya spoke to the media saying that it was an outright blatant lie that she had taken money from her brother’s house and that she did not know why people are making up stories and fabrications. La Toya was at the launch of the Mr. Pink Ginseng drink when she spoke about the issue, on October 11, 2012. The claims are also part of Randall Sullivan’s (who writes for Vanity Fair) book ‘Untouchable’; a biography of the late Michael Jackson.

According to Vanity Fair, Sullivan alleges that Michael’s kids’ nanny Grace Rawaramba had received calls from Katherine Jackson asking if Michael used to hide money in the house, to which the nanny replied that he did hide cash in black plastic bags.

Sullivan’s claims went further to suggest that private security company Talon Executive Services had described La Toya and her boyfriend filling the garage with duffel bags containing black plastic bags.

La Toya stated that she was fighting the press allegations as her family is usually very lenient about such issues and this time she was going on the attack.