George Clooney, Stacey Keibler still together despite rumors

Oscar winner George Clooney and former professional wrestler Stacey Keibler attended the premier of ‘Argo’ together even as rumors do the rounds of their breakup yet again. Clooney has co-produced ‘Argo’, which has been directed by the ‘Good Will Hunting’ star Ben Affleck. The couple looked very much together as they stopped to oblige photographers, although they did not stop to give interviews.

The couple were both clad in black and looked happy as they posed for a few photographs. It was just last month that rumors were published in a London tabloid about how the wrestler and the actor had split, however this turned out to be untrue, as the couple has been seen together since. The fabricated news hinted towards Keibler herself speaking of how Clooney wanted to be on his own and did not want to get married, the London tabloid also mentioned that one of Stacey’s friends spoke about how George was pulling away from Keibler.

The couple has spent a fair bit of time together recently around Europe as well as several weeks away from the world at Clooney’s villa on Lake Como. It is not the first time that the couple has had to face breakup rumors, but the 51-year-old actor and the 32-year-old beauty still appear to be as close as ever.