Taylor Swift releases ‘Red’, donates concert tickets

Pop princess Taylor Swift has recently released her new song ‘Red’ on October 2, 2012, from her upcoming album also titled Red. The new track appears to be about one of Taylor’s breakups, in which she compares the relationship to driving in an ‘old Maserati down a dead-end street’.

The song progresses in color, where Taylor sings about how losing her love was like the color blue and compares missing him to gray, and finally how loving him was like red. No matter what condition Taylor Swift’s heart is in, it is definitely in the right place as she is donating $10,000 as well as concert tickets to the Horace Mann School for the Deaf at Allston, Mass.

Papa John’s and textbook company Chegg were sponsoring a contest, in which schools could win a concert from the “We are never getting back together” singer. However, internet pranksters decided to vote for the hearing impaired students.

Jeremiah Ford, Horace Mann’s principal, was very happy with his school getting high votes and stated that his students love live music and they would be happy for the school to win. However once it was learnt that the votes were doctored by internet trolls, the organizers decided to remove the school from the contest and hand out concert tickets to the school’s students to Swifts next local show.