Keith Urban feels lucky to have Nicole Kidman as his wife

A couple that is deeply and madly in love with each other, is what everyone will see after watching Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman in conversation with Oprah Winfrey. Urban talked about his insecurity of losing Kidman and she talked about the bond called marriage.

On the Oprah Winfrey show, Urban thought that it would not have been a surprise if Nicole had left him when he was in rehab. He said, “Well that’s the point right there where she should have just walked. Not should have, that’s not the right word, but I (would have understood if she had). Of course… I’m just glad she didn’t.”

The husband had all the praises in store for his “Cold Mountain” actress wife. Urban said, “It was really a profound moment in so many ways. The way in which Nic handled that moment was just perfect… Everything was just designed, I believe, for that moment to fuse us together.”

Kidman feels that marriage is an ongoing process that needs both the people involved, to work on it together and more when the things are a little difficult to handle.

Hollywood FAQ:
Who is Nicole Kidman?
Nicole Kidman is an award winning actress famous for her roles in Moulin Rouge, Bewitched, Batman Forever, and even won an Academy Award for The Hours (2002) . She was previously married to actor Tom Cruise for 11 years,