Nick Stahl missing, wife files missing person’s report

American actor Nick Stahl, who was known for playing the role of John Connor in the movie ‘Terminator 3’ is reportedly missing. Stahl’s wife has filed a missing person’s report with the L.A.P.D on May 14, saying that she hasn’t seen her husband after May 9.

Reports say that Stahl has frequently been involved in the Skid Row area of Downtown Los Angeles in recent times and that it is feared that he might have got involved in something bad. Even in the month of February Nick’s wife filed court papers expressing concerns that her husband might be using drugs.

And now it is said that her fear of drugs might have to do something with his disappearance. So far the authorities have not got any clue about Nick’s whereabouts but one of the friends of the star revealed that he does not have much concerns as Nick tends to take offs for days together at a time.

On the other hand Nick’s wife Rose Murphy Stahl says that everyone is extremely worried about him and that he has never disappeared for more than a day before. This time the actor is absconding for more than ten days.