Nick Cannon diagnosed with Lupus like autoimmune disease

Hollywood FAQs: American actor and comedian Nick Cannon has been recently diagnosed with a Lupus like autoimmune disease. The actor was admitted for blood clots as well as kidney failure earlier this year.

Reports state that octors have linked the medical condition of the actor to what is described similar to Lupus. While talking to People Magazine, Cannon said that he thought he was getting better but this condition came out of no where.

The ‘Love Don’t Cost a Thing’ actor added that it is a condition that he has to live with his entire life and has to make sure that he always keeps his health first. The doctors told the presenter that the kidney disease was due to the autoimmune disease that the doctors found in his system.

The 31-year-old ‘America’s Got Talent’ presenter also said that the blood clots might have been linked to his kidney infection. The actor was told that everything is in order now, but it is a lupus like thing and no one in his family has got it. Cannon also hinted towards spending more time with wife Mariah Carey and their ten month old twins Monroe and Moroccan born last year. The actor has still not made it clear if he will continue to present the reality show ‘America’s Got Talent’.