Freida Pinto Talks About Nude Scenes in Trishna

Hollywood FAQs: Indian actress Freida Pinto, better known for the portrayal of Latika in the Oscar winning movie ‘Slumdog Millionaire’, is making headlines for her new sexy photo shoot. The actress revealed her sexy side for the first time in an interview.

In the interview, Pinto talked about the nude scenes in her latest film ‘Trishna’. Pinto admitted that she has briefly appeared nude in one of the love making scenes in the movie directed by Michael Winterbottom, but the actress even admitted that she used a butt double for a sequence. Pinto was even asked how she felt while filming the scenes, to which she said that it was difficult, but the crew was small and were all good and were not making their presence felt.

Though the actress has stripped for the movie, fans must not expect frequent nude appearances of the actress onscreen. At present, Freida lives with her boyfriend Dev Patel and admitted that they often watch their early interviews on YouTube. Pinto added that they are all over the place and laugh at each others jokes and encourage each other.