Whitney Houston Cause of Death Revealed?

Hollywood FAQs: After the tragic death of the American singer Whitney Houston, the cause of death has reportedly been revealed. Reports say that it is an accident, but the official cause is yet to be revealed as the toxicology results are due.

Media reports revealed that it wasn’t a suicide and the ‘I will always love you’ singer was not even slain by anyone else. It was just an accident. Close friends of Houston said that there were no marks on her body to indicate a struggle and that she wasn’t the person to kill herself.

The results of the toxicology tests are expected to be out next week. Whitney was a victim of overdose of prescription drugs but some of the early reports suggested that it would have been a case of suicide, but nothing was confirmed.

Houston was found in the bath of her suite with her face under the water and was pulled out by her hair dresser and one of the body guards. Initially it was believed that the ‘Bodyguard’ actress might have drowned due to falling asleep to a sedative mixture of alcohol and drugs. The paramedics tried to revive her but was declared dead on February 12, 2012 at the age of 48.