Dame Judi Dench Struggles to Save Eyesight?

Hollywood FAQs: English film and stage actress Dame Judi has recently revealed that she can no longer read scripts. Judi revealed that she is has been diagnosed from a condition that can lead to blindness .

Dame is suffering from macular degeneration, which is a disease of the retina which can lead to regressive loss of eye sight. The actress even said that she can no longer see faces in front of her.

The eye sight has become so bad that now she has to depend on her friends who can read the scripts for her. However, the ‘Golden Eye’ actress hopes that her recent treatment could stop the progressive decline.

In an interview with Daily Mirror, the actress said that he cannot read scripts and more due to the trouble with her eyes so someone has to come to her and read out the script as of telling a story. The condition of Dame is an age related disease, which leads to the loss of visual field due to a damage to a part of the retina which is called the macular. The condition affects mostly to people who are above the age of 50 and almost 240,000 people in UK are suffering from such a condition.