Joan Rivers smokes weed in carpark

Hollywood FAQs: American comedian and TV personality Joan Rivers recently crossed all the limits for her reality show and smoked marijuana in the car park which was actually filmed for the show. The 78-year-old, who is known for her red carpet interviews, became so stoned that she could not drive back home and ended up all clothed in the hot tub, while drinking water from her shoe.

The footage from the episode of January 31, 2012 saw Joan getting stressed after Melissa invited her live-in boyfriend Jason’s parents to come and stay with them and their 11 year old son. The comedian then calls her friend Lynne, who tells her that she has got the perfect way to calm her down. The two then visited a marijuana doctor for the prescription and head towards the shop to buy cannabis.

Lynne and Joan then find a place to park the car and light up the pipe. Within moments, the two start giggling and later at the driver’s seat, Lynne wasn’t in a state to drive and after which Joan calls Melissa. Melissa turns up to get the shock of her life and said that she was ashamed of both of them as they bought pot with Jason’s parents in town.

Melissa says that her 78-year-old mother has now become 17 and she has become like a soccer mum yelling at her teenage kid. After coming back home, Melissa tries to put the two to bed while everyone is asleep, but Joan and Lynne were in no mood to sleep and go out and dive in to the hot tub with their clothes on. Joan is then seen drinking water out of her high heels. This is when Melissa comes out and yells at both of them.

Well, looks like the tables are turned for this sarcastic fashion police?