Kristen Bell breaks down meeting a sloth

Hollywood FAQs: American actress Kristen Bell was surprised by her fiancé Dax Shepard last year, when he brought Bell her favorite animal on earth. At her appearance at the Ellen DeGeneres show, Bell expressed how excited and happy she was when she received a much awaited gift.

The ‘Burlesque’ actress experienced a complete meltdown when she was told that she would be meeting her favorite animal, a sloth. On July 18, 2011, Dax said that he will be giving something no one else would ever give on her birthday in their life time.

The actress said that she did not have any clue what Dax had on his mind and when she actually faced the sloth, she melted down to tears and added that she is a very emotional person. Bell expressed that she starts crying when she is very happy or very sad.

Moreover, the reaction of the actress was recorded by Bell’s fiancé, which became one of the funniest videos. The video was shown at the Ellen DeGeneres show after which the actress was told that the sloth would be there at the studio to greet her. This was the moment Bell once again was almost in tears when she was warned that she would be meeting her sloth.