Golden Globe Awards 2012 grabs 16.8 million viewership

Hollywood FAQs: Several Hollywood celebrities attended the 69th annual Golden Globe Awards held on January 15, 2012. Figures by Neilson said that the Globes event was viewed by at least 16.8 million viewers which is just below the 17 million mark who tuned in last year. As far as this season is concerned, the award ceremony was already set as high water mark despite some of the comments from the critics who said that the host Ricky Gervais was controlled than he was last year.

The viewership of the award ceremony beat the 2011 American Music Awards as well as the Emmys. Gervais was given a thumbs up as well as a thumbs down by the MTV Movies team for his performance. The host was praised for his ‘winning over Hollywood frenemies and also delivery a very funny opening monologue’. But at the same time the performance of the host was also criticized and it was said that the comedian might have talked big time, but his performance was a restrained one compared to the last year’s performance.

The evening saw some big wins like George Clooney for ‘The Decendants’ and also a boost for the silent film ‘The Artist’. The movie ‘The Artist’ won the ‘The Best Motion Picture-Comedy or Musical while ‘The Decendants’ won the Best Motion Picture as well as ‘Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture’. But despite all the winners on the show, the main winner of the ceremony was indeed the show host.

Gervais was seen targeting the celebrity status of Kim Kardashian, the love life of Madonna and Depp’s long time partnership with Tim Burton. Though the host was criticized for being on the lower end than last year, his toned down nature appeared to be a hit with the audience as well as numerous celebrities.