Heather Locklear rushed to hospital after 911 call

Hollywood FAQs: American actress Heather Locklear was rushed to the hospital by an ambulance on January 12, 2012 after her sister made a call to 911. The actress was admitted to the emergency room at the Los Robles Hospital in Thousand in California. Locklear remained in the hospital for the night and a statement was released by the spokesperson of the hospital shortly after her admission.

The statement released had left the fans of the 50-year-old actress worried and said that the actress is in no danger. The spokesperson for the hospital said that Heather’s family wants her fans to know that she is doing well. The sister of the 50-year-old actress had made a call saying that she feared her sister might harm herself. The paramedics who responded in time on sight determined that the ‘Oranges’ actress needed some medical evaluation.

However, the statement did not reveal the exact reason the actress was rushed to the hospital. But reports stated that Heather suffered due to a mix of prescription drugs and alcohol. At present, Locklear is resting comfortably at home and is due to be further evaluated before any further release. The family is now hopeful that Heather will recover from whatever she is suffering from.

This is not the first 911 call made from the actress’s residence. In the year 2008, a 911 call was made by someone who claimed that he was Locklear’s doctor and said that she was trying to commit suicide. On the other hand the publicist of the actress said that she never requested any medical assistance and even the Ventura County Sheriff’s Department said that no further action was taken as she appeared fine when the they reached the actress’s residence. Locklear is known for her TV roles as Sammy Jo Carrington on Dynasty, Officer Stacy Sheridan.