Nick Cannon to be discharged from hospital in two days

Hollywood FAQs: After the reports of singer Nick Cannon being hospitalized, it is still not clear what is the exact kidney problem the rapper is going through. But wife Mariah Carey, who is constantly giving updates about her husband on the social networking site Twitter, has given another update.

The singer said that her husband is likely to be discharged in another two days. Carey also revealed that her husband had a surgery on January 6, 2012. The singer tweeted, “Nick is in stable condition with a good prognosis, hopefully he’ll be discharged within 2 days.’’ However Mariah did not disclose what kind of surgery her husband went through. The causes of Cannon’s condition has not been officially disclosed but the doctors have said that the possible causes could be infection, dehydration, trauma, kidney stones or diabetes.

Some of the experts from the UC Irvine Medical Centre said that some of the kidney problems involve the organs inability to properly filter the toxins in the body. It was also said that another possibility could be acute kidney failure which is known as the silent disease, that usually goes unnoticed in most patients until it lands them in the hospital. The Cannon family were holidaying in Aspen, when he was hospitalized earlier this week.

The ‘Hero’ singer revealed that her husband was hospitalized for minor kidney failure. On Wednesday, it was reported that Cannon had been shifted to a hospital in Los Angeles. In Los Angeles, the TV host went through a surgery which did not require sedation. When in Aspen, Mariah posted a picture of her with her husband in the hospital bed. After coming to Los Angeles the singer posted another picture, which showed Carey holding get well soon balloons. Mariah was also seen kissing Cannon, while the singer was working on his laptop.