Joe Jonas hospitalized with stomach ache

Hollywood FAQs: American pop singer Joe Jonas was recently admitted to hospital as he suffered from severe stomach pain. The singer was taken to the emergency room on December 18, 2011 at the Children’s Hospital in L.A.

Reports said that the singer’s abdomen was examined by the doctors, but was later discharged. Till now nothing has been revealed as to what exactly was the reason for the discomfort faced by the ‘Camp Rock’ star.

Jonas recovered soon and was even spotted enjoying a sushi dinner with his younger brother Nick at Katsuya in Hollywood. After the stomach pain news spread, Jonas came to know about the concern spread among his fans.

Soon Jonas took to his Twitter account and assured everyone that he was doing fine. Joe tweeted, “Hey everyone I’m fine I’m fine, Thanks for the concern.” Just before the night Joe was admitted, the singer was reportedly partying along with some of his friends.

Joe’s album Fastlife was released on October 6, 2011 and later debuted on the Billboard 200 charts at number 15. In the year 2011, the singer also started off a tour in the month of September which concluded in October 2011. His first solo song ‘See No More’ was premiered to the whole world on June 3, 2011.