Conrad Murray files appeal against 4 year jail term in Michael Jackson manslaughter case

Hollywood FAQs: After Dr. Conrad Murray was awarded a four year sentence in the manslaughter case of the veteran singer Michael Jackson, the convict has filed an appeal to challenge the conviction. In the case, the judges found the cardiologist guilty and responsible for the death of the ‘Thriller’ singer. The physician filed the document in pro per, which means that he would be presenting himself instead of being represented by a lawyer.

Murray used multiple lawyers during the course of the case. In the document, the person who files the document usually mentions the contact information on the document. Murray, in the document, mentioned ‘Men’s Central Jail’ and also included his booking number. In the appeal, Murray is keeping contacts with the lawyers who earlier represented him in the court earlier. One of the lawyers happens to be Nareg Gourjian.

While talking about his chances in the appeal, Gourjian said that the case represents a gold mine of issues for any appellate lawyer. The lawyer added that the doctor is confident that the court of appeal will vindicate him. Gourjian even stated that Murray has been convicted of involuntary manslaughter and four years of jail seems fair. While some of the people opined that the term of jail wasn’t long enough. Moreover, the prosecution provided several evidences which led to prove that the doctor was responsible for the death of the singer.

Murray admitted that he used to administer Jackson with minor doses of propofol, which is an anesthetic normally used in surgeries. Jackson was suffering from insomnia and was desperate to have some sleep before he got ready to perform his come back ‘This is It’ tour in London. During the hearing, the prosecutors also said that Murray was responsible for the children, as the singer could have earned millions at the comeback tour. The prosecutors demanded that Murray should provide compensation to the three children of Jackson.